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The Facility

The Old Colonial school building has about 78,000 square feet, with four sections dating from 1939 to the mid-1980's. Here is a blueprint of the building as it stands today:

Section B dates from 1939, with the next oldest being Section C. Section A was added in the 1970's. The gymnasium was added last in the 1980's.

The building has been updated multiple times in smaller ways, and a walking tour gives one the feeling of time travel. But the structure and utility of the building are intact and it has many decades of life left.


A building like this obviously will have lots of issues to accompany its classic character. Amplifying those issues, after the County moved out of the school, it was left with very little maintenance. The roof was leaking buckets. The aged well-water system was turned off. Mold grew in the ceilings and wood flooring. Old asbestos tiles popped up off floors. Vandals did damage, breaking windows from the outside and running loose inside the unlocked building. It was a pretty bad mess when we first toured the facility.


However, since taking possession of the building in mid-2023, we have made a huge array of repairs, including replacing or repairing all of the damaged sections of the roof. All of the mold has been removed and the building smells great! All disturbed asbestos has been removed in the sections we plan to initially occupy, and the rest will be taken up promptly. Gallons and gallons of paint have been put on the walls and the school is starting to have that warm, welcoming look that will help our children learn.

There are 28 large classrooms in the building. In previous decades, class sizes were in the thirties of children, so the classes are large. For home school co-op use, we can easily use partitions to expand the number of classes held every hour.

The school has a full size gym with seating for over 100 people.

There is a theater space with a stage, and this room could easily be used for band or choral practice.

There is a large cafeteria with room for perhaps 200 seats. The commercial kitchen is out of date and will require a complete refit to be brought up to code. However, we don't need the kitchen or cafeteria at opening and are deferring that work for a year or two.

There is ample office space for a staff of five, plus other offices for future uses.

Outside, there is parking for about 70 vehicles. The school sits on 10 acres, with three large playgrounds and a field suitable for sports in back.

God has blessed the community with this property and the potential for educating children with a Biblical worldview within it. This is truly immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, as Ephesians 3:20 states.

We hope you will partner with us to open this school!

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