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About SixForty Corporation &
The Education Center
at Old Colonial

SixForty Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to pursue the goals outlined in our vision statement. Our main project is repairing and preparing The Education Center At Old Colonial for use as a private school, mainly serving home school activities such as co-ops and related efforts. There are several thousand home school students in the immediate environs and counties surrounding the Roanoke, Virginia metropolitan area where the facility is located. We envision having hundreds and perhaps a thousand to two thousand unique students benefit from our facility weekly. Home school co-ops typically meet only one or two days a week, allowing a huge number of students to attend.


Our Board of Directors consists of people from the local community who share the vision and have a passion for Biblical education of children.

Vera Wilson - Chief Executive Officer

Pete Leonard - Board Member and Vice President

Brandon Williams - Board Member and Treasurer

Michelle Johnston - Board Member and Secretary

Hank Wallace - Board Chair

Meet our team!

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